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Speech Understanding

Speech Understanding

Ayudamos a extraer valor de sus datos de voz para su caso de uso, con el fin de ofrecer análisis y/o mejorar las ventas y el servicio al cliente. 

With speech-to-text transcription, we improve legibility, usability and analysis by summarising content, analysing opinions, detecting themes, identifying entities and diarising speakers, allowing you to extract value from your speech data, in any context.

Minimise manual effort, efficiently navigate through numerous calls or conversations, and easily access interesting podcast content using automated summaries and note generation of any length.

Refine conversation analysis and improve searches by identifying trends, patterns and themes in audio data.

Obtain useful information by identifying named entities, such as names of persons and companies, occupations, locations, dates and any other measurements, in audio data and conversations.

Know who is speaking. Increase the readability of transcripts by detecting and labelling speaker changes throughout a conversation, especially in multi-speaker audio environments.

Determine positive, neutral or negative feedback in a given context and in audio transcripts to improve customer experience, brand health and other insights.

Natural Language Processing

We transform unstructured texts into information allowing its processing and comprehension.

Predictive Models

We generate solutions to understand the influence of various causes in an event to suggest concrete actions and improve results.

Computer Vision

We generate algorithms capable of interpreting and organizing data in image and video form.

Strategic Thinking

We design and model scenarios that allow a better understanding of your own and competitor´s moves, to improve results and understand the end user behavior.

Generative AI

We apply the potential of generative AI to your company, adapting it to your data.

Boost your
business with AI

Boost your
business with AI