Computer Vision

Desarrollamos visión computarizada basada en el aprendizaje profundo, siendo capaces de interpretar y organizar todo tipo de documentos, fotos y vídeos de forma automática.

There are huge amounts of visual data registered by security cameras, digital pictures, scanned documents, medical images, mobile devices, etc. This data requires algorithms capable of interpreting, organizing and extracting value from images and videos. The current standard for computer vision algorithms allows performing advanced, complex tasks, beating human performance in some of them; and automatizing processes.

Performs automatic analysis of images or videos for the detection and identification of specific elements: pedestrians, faces, brake lights, roads, crops, etc.
Analyses videos to detect movements or actions of interest.
Locates areas or objects of interest within the image: crops in satellite images, damage to a car, etc.

Automatically identifies damage to a product during the production process.

Automatically detects and assesses damage in an object.

Natural Language Processing

We transform unstructured texts into information allowing its processing and comprehension.

Predictive Models

We generate solutions to understand the influence of various causes in an event to suggest concrete actions and improve results.

Strategic Thinking

We design and model scenarios that allow a better understanding of your own and competitor´s moves, to improve results and understand the end user behavior.

Speech Understanding

We extract value from your voice data for your use case to provide analytics and/or improve sales and customer service.

Generative AI

We apply the potential of generative AI to your company, adapting it to your data.

We develop computer vision based on deep learning, capable of interpreting and organizing all types of documents, photos and videos automatically.

Boost your
business with AI

Boost your
business with AI