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Zero-Shot Roberta:

A state-of-the-art model to perform zero-shot multilingual text classification. Over 250.000 downloads/month.


A GPT2 model fine-tuned over the Alpaca dataset for easy and fast experimentation in instruction tuning. Over 3.000 downloads/month.

Aesthetic Gradients:

A Python library for personalizing the Stable Diffusion generative model with the aesthetic preferences of the user. +600 stars.

Art Explorer:

A tool to do semantic search over large collections of art paintings using natural language descriptions.

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An API to interact with large language models such as GPT-J. +300 stars.

Solar energy forecasting:

Nowcasting (short-term prediction) of solar irradiance, to optimize solar panel position merged with wind data (direction and speed).

Improvements of up to 30% (depending on the sensor) over the baseline model (persistence).

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