Komorebi AI



We identify AI use cases and organize projects on a roadmap adapted to your needs and industry.

We identify AI opportunities in your business through a step-by-step approach, customized to your needs. We evaluate creative ideas and draw an action plan tailored to your needs and industry.


The goal is to assist in the identification and evaluation of AI opportunities in the company, with the active participation of all stakeholders in three phases: preparation, workshop, and post-workshop. 

The aim is to establish a common understanding of AI, to gain buy-in and active participation of key stakeholders to generate creative and realistic ideas, and to benchmark them against best practice in other organizations and in their sector.

The Komorebi programme uses a methodical and comprehensive step-by-step plan to adopt artificial intelligence in your business. First, we gather data on your AI strategy and constraints to customize the process and the starting point that suits your needs.

Next, we jointly ideate options, assess the best opportunities, create an action plan, and then teams define the requirements, objectives and data needed for project success.

Benefits include verifying your objectives and tasks to initiate or improve your AI programme, as well as helping you find, classify and choose the best opportunities in your business.

As an end result, you will have a prioritized list of areas to apply AI and details of each opportunity we select as a priority.

Boost your
business with AI

Generative AI

We apply the potential of generative AI in your company, adapting to your needs.

Prediction and Analysis

We create tailor-made solutions to predict future scenarios, competitive and user analysis.

Computer Vision

We generate algorithms capable of interpreting and organizing data in image and video form.

Text and Audio

We transform unstructured text and audio with NLP techniques for processing and understanding.


We develop algorithms to automate and optimize business decisions, improving their efficiency.

Boost your
business with AI