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Prediction and Analysis

Prediction and Analysis

We create tailor-made solutions to predict future scenarios, competitive and user analysis.

In complex and changing environments, our solutions not only provide accurate predictions and specific actions to improve results, but also allow you to understand the influence of various factors.

Designing strategies in the digital economy involves reasoning under uncertainty, simulating future scenarios, modeling competitors' strategies, learning from past actions and understanding end-user behavior.

Understand the behavior of your products by predicting what will happen and the causes; allowing you to make better decisions to optimize your logistics.

Understand the status of your customers and what would influence their decision making, improving their retention.

It performs internal and external pattern analysis to automatically detect different types of anomalies, events and alarms, e.g. for fraud detection.

Use geographic coordinates as an element of analysis, management and planning for your strategies.

Detect common patterns among customers to group them, understand them and improve your marketing strategy.

Personalize your marketing actions knowing the possible impact on each type of customer.

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We identify AI use cases and organize projects on a roadmap adapted to your needs and industry.

Generative AI

We apply the potential of generative AI in your company, adapting to your needs.

Computer Vision

We generate algorithms capable of interpreting and organizing data in image and video form.

Text and Audio

We transform unstructured text and audio with NLP techniques for processing and understanding.


We develop algorithms to automate and optimize business decisions, improving their efficiency.

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