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Industry 4.0

Generative AI to automate the process and design of complex software-intensive systems.

Generative AI platform for prototyping and design of complex industrial systems


Research and develop a Generative AI platform for prototyping and design of complex industrial systems, optimizing this process in terms of cost, quality, time and safety.


The challenge is in the research approach itself, which is disruptive in that it focuses on the design process of software-intensive industrial systems in areas as diverse as shipbuilding, industry, rail and aerospace, which involves addressing a wide variety of specific requirements, regulations and circumstances.


The expected outcomes of the project are:

  • Audio semantic analysis platform for the automatic transcription of audio to text, in particular of conversations between stakeholders of a design project.
  • Transformation of natural language into formal design requirements.
  • Text classification and entity extraction in the naval, industrial, railway and aerospace domains.
  • Transformation of text describing a prototype, such as various configurations of a drone, into a set of 2D images.
  • Analysis of AI models that generate 3D views from the above 2D and text representations.

The PARAVASIS project (New Paradigm for Personalised and Advanced Design of Future Industrial Systems) has been co-funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation through the 2022 call of the CDTI Missions Programme, with the reference file MIG-20221056.

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