This is us

Komorebi AI Technologies is a startup created as a spin-off from the Institute of Mathematical Sciences (ICMAT) by 5 researchers in data science and machine learning. ICMAT is the reference center for mathematical research in Spain, having earned prestige and recognition for its excellence worldwide.

The founding members hold PhDs in Physics, mathematics and computer engineering. They belong to an academic elite, having earned prizes and distinctions, acquired wide international experience and built strong links with the scientific community that initiated the data science revolution.

Our values

At Komorebi we make our own algorithms: our team has a solid expertise, analytical capacity and scientific prestige that allow us to understand the nature of each specific problem, in order to build innovative solutions.
Through our scientific career we have acquired a commitment of honesty and transparency that we prove to our customers everyday. We offer them what they really need, stripping away unnecessary complications.

We build AI solutions to improve people’s lives, and therefore we are very aware of all the ethical issues that every AI system should take into account. Thus, we strive to create AI models that are interpretable and bias-free, which can be integrated naturally into all aspects of human activity.

Our mission

We incorporate the latest technological discoveries in artificial intelligence and data science to build custom solutions for our customers needs. We want to help them increase the value of their business through innovative, scalable and efficient products.

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