Komorebi AI


Identify the optimum harvesting time in the olive grove to maximise olive oil production and improve its quality.



Automatic and accurate identification of the optimal harvest time in olive groves in order to maximize the production of the highest quality olive oil, virgin and extra virgin.


Construction of a Smart-Agriculture tool based on Smart-Agriculture, massive data processing of the olive value chain. This tool relies on different technologies to obtain, store and process large amounts of data from various sources.


The future BeHTool platform builds three fundamental components:

  • Obtaining information coming from sensor networks, satellites and weather stations.
  • Management of all the above information and combination with data from olive groves and mills, such as phenological state and production.
  • Advanced analytical capabilities and predictive models that, based on the data collected and stored in the previous modules, issue predictions.
Proyectos I+D+i

Project financed by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism within the support programme for AEIs to contribute to improving the competitiveness of Spanish industry, and with the support of the European Union through the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

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