Komorebi AI

Computer Vision

We generate algorithms capable of interpreting and organizing data in image and video form.

There is a vast amount of information recorded by security cameras, digital photos, scanned documents, medical images, mobile devices, etc. To add value, it is necessary to interpret and organize this data, in image and video form.

Computer vision algorithms are becoming increasingly powerful and capable of performing more complex tasks, outperforming humans in some tasks and automating processes.

Performs automatic analysis of images or videos for the detection and identification of specific elements: pedestrians, faces, brake lights, roads, crops, etc.
Analyses videos to detect movements or actions of interest.
Locates areas or objects of interest within the image: crops in satellite images, damage to a car, etc.

Automatically identifies damage to a product during the production process.

Automatically detects and assesses damage in an object.

Generative AI

Boost your
business with AI


We identify AI use cases and organize projects on a roadmap adapted to your needs and industry.

Generative AI

We apply the potential of generative AI in your company, adapting to your needs.

Prediction and Analysis

We create tailor-made solutions to predict future scenarios, competitive and user analysis.

Text and Audio

We transform unstructured text and audio with NLP techniques for processing and understanding.


We develop algorithms to automate and optimize business decisions, improving their efficiency.

Boost your
business with AI