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We are Komorebi, an innovative startup, focused on artificial intelligence and data science. In this article we want to share our history with you.

Research brings us together, our roots go all the way back to ICMAT (Institute of Mathematical Sciences). We met as researchers, mathematicians and computer engineers, running projects in the field of applied science.

Our motto has always been innovation in the field of artificial intelligence and data science, looking for solutions with the application of the newest technology.

When we saw the potential of the research and projects developed as a team at ICMAT, we decided to embrace a huge challenge, to establish a business. We came across an opportunity in a growing market eager to find technological solutions to their business issues.


Komorebi was born...

Komorebi was born in 2019 as a new great project. Just then, we moved from being an idea to being a young and passionate startup, that loves challenges, that operates with integrity and that is always at the cutting edge.

We started with the purpose of always supporting our clients in the pursuit of their long term goals, without forgetting the adaptability to suit each challenge, company and project.

In Komorebi our greatest asset is our talent. We are a team of science, in continuous training and updated with the latest technological advances. Together we have evolved from a research team to a consulting agency that develops projects with high quality standards.

What have we achieved and where are we moving to?

We have created solutions in diverse industries: 

  • Precision Marketing with Omnicom Media Group.
  • Fraud detection with BBVA Foundation
  • Customer segmentation in banking with RSI. 
  • Natural language processing in legaltech with Lefebvre
  • Natural language processing applied to the medical field with Instituto de Salud Carlos III and Servicio Andaluz de Salud
  • Development of solutions for 'smart fishing' with Satlink.

Our passion and willingness to make a difference has led us to explore new horizons, and since 2021 we have been developing our own products. 

Thanks to CDTI NEOTEC (@cdti_innovacion) funds, we are releasing our first product to #insurtech sector: Insurmapp. We want to transform the insurance world, making things smoother for users and less expensive for corporations.

Insurmapp is an AI-based system for automated appraisal of vehicles, which is based on artificial vision algorithms using Deep Learning.

Our headquarters are based on the incubator of  La Nave, a hub for innovators. Where we coexist with other startups. From here, we work on technology solutions and we push our talent to the next level.

If you are interested in some more information or to find out how we can help you in your business projects we are pleased to hear from you at contact@komorebi.ai

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