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Automatic damage appraisal: Insurmapp

In this post we introduce one of our top products: Insurmapp. Our automatic damage appraisal system by artificial vision. Find out what is our value proposition, what is our business model, what differentiates us from others and finally, how to save time and money thanks to Insurmapp.

Insurmapp is a tool that allows you to perform an internal and external damage appraisal of a vehicle in just 1 minute, through the use of artificial intelligence.

How can it be used?

Insurmapp is a perfect tool for any business related to vehicle appraisal: leasing, rental, insurance companies, car sharing...

Let's put ourselves in the situation

What is the impact of automating appraisal processes?

Value proposition

Insurmapp is an automatic vehicle damage appraisal system based on artificial intelligence.

It improves customer experience, achieving a simpler and smoother process.

What makes us different?

Save time and money

For any business, what matters the most is to capitalize the opportunity of having a competitive advantage. Integrating Insurmapp will allow you to do this while saving costs.

Want to know more? We will continue sharing how Insurmapp can help your business in upcoming posts. If you have any questions or want extra support for your business issue, don't hesitate to contact us at consulta@komorebi.aiwe will be happy to find customized solutions together.

You can also visit our website here: www.insurmapp.com

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